They can read!!!!

9月25日 | カテゴリー ブログ

I rarely get the opportunity to talk about our older kids. At the end of every month, we have a small event called “Presentation Week”. Throughout the week, all Creative Kids classes ask the parents to join the class around fifteen minutes before the end, and the students get to showcase their English speaking abilities.

It is quite a sight as every presentation is unique to the skill level of the kids in the class. For instance, tonight, the first class will be talking about verbs they have learned, followed by reading a short passage. Over the past month, we have been practicing and making incredible progress and impressive to say the least.

The second class will look, name, write and label body parts using me as the human diagram, both educational and highly entertaining. I wish everyone could experience the the thrill and excitement of “Presentation Week” alongside us!