Super Sweet Potato Bros.

11月18日 | カテゴリー ブログ

Nothing says late autumn like the warmth, smell and nostalgic taste of sweet potatoes! But, for some this will be one of their first experiences tasting these tantalizing tubers.

Our lucky little pre-schoolers donned their aprons, washed their hands and sat readily, anticipating a new experience and the reward of a delightful treat. Smiles sat cheerily on their faces as they playfully mashed the sweet potatoes, dropped in some butter, mashed, added the sugar, mashed, poured a tiny bit of milk and mashed once again. The Japanese staff surprised me as they scooped out some of our mashed sweet potato mix with a spatula and handed it to the kids. Furthering my surprise, the kids almost instinctively started to roll the mixture into compact balls, and all done with incredible skill and hand coordination!
















…and now the time everyone has been waiting for… (drum roll)

Tasting test! A huge success! The kids couldn’t get enough of them, they ate every piece put in front of them, but really, who could blame them?