1月31日 | カテゴリー ブログ

While this past week it has been quite rainy, usually it is the cold we need to worry about. This month, we’ve been reading a story called ‘Brrrrrr!’, it’s a tale about a boy named Willy who really needs to put more clothing on. It is a cherished story here at Kids Forest, as it teaches basic clothing vocabulary and the children enjoy seeing Willy complain. We have recreated this silly story in the form of a sketchbook craft.















It starts with putting chilly Willy (or Wilma) on the sketchbook, and one by one, the kids attach the various articles of clothing on them. We kept with the sequence of the original by starting with their pants, then coat, socks, boots, mittens and finally their scarf! At last Willy / Wilma is ready to survive the winter! The kids got to choose the color scheme and add their own flair by decorating them with crayons. Each Willy / Wilma was unique and came accompanied with plenty of laughter and smiles. Great job, munchkins!