Go Away Demons! Come On In Luck!

2月3日 | カテゴリー ブログ

Today was a day filled with beans, demons and hopefully, luck! On February the third, we celebrate a festival called Setsubun, where we toss some beans at our household demons and welcome good fortune into our lives. And the activities today reflected that!

Our toddler preschool class made an unhappy demon in their sketchbooks. They colored the background, and stuck facial features one by one on the demon head. The end result was a demon so cute, you’d feel bad about throwing beans at it. Absolutely adorable!

Our creative play class built demons out of our soft blocks and pelted them with packets of beans! It was incredibly fun to watch, and I imagine even more fun participating. Our rooms were filled with the sounds of laughter and joy!

Finally, our creative kids will be making their very own scary demon (they can handle it!). While it is only 12 cm tall, it brings an almost infinite amount of fun! After they choose their hair style, clothing and number of horns, they get to use markers to personalize it, make it as cute or scary as they want! That’s only the beginning, after, we’ll grab some yellow balls from the ballpool and use them as target practice! Go away demons! Bring us luck!!!!!!