Hooray for Pancakes!

2月18日 | カテゴリー 未分類

For this snowy Monday, nothing could bring a smile to our munchkins’ faces faster than some delicious homemade chocolate pancakes. However, we aren’t just going to give them this scrumptious treat, they will have to make them!

Pancakes are not difficult to make, you need some milk, eggs, sugar, cocoa powder and the namesake pancake mix. Our little preschool students are only two years old, so the process cannot be too complicated. With all the ingredients prepared, it was their job to add the contents into the bowl one at a time and mix, mix, mix! Every time they put on the apron they know that the next activity will be fun, so they are always wearing bright smiles! And they are good at mixing, they don’t mix it too fast and they are very careful not to spill the contents.

The LP students are also beginning to speak, and I love hearing them try to copy the English ingredient names. Their language development is going swimmingly as they are starting to pick up and emulate the words I give them, and they’re only two!

You can guess the results. They loved them! They were so happy with their pancakes that they requested seconds and thirds (hahaha, don’t tell mommy!). You guys did great, let’s look forward to next month’s  culinary delights.