Yummy Cocoa Cookies

2月22日 | カテゴリー ブログ

Today, we made cocoa cookies for our cooking activity. The kids were so excited about mixing the ingredients and seeing the end results. There were a number of simple steps to follow in order to make these delicious cookies. First, we put in the egg, butter and sugar into a bowl and gave it a good mix. Then, we sifted in the cocoa powder and flour in and gave it a final good mix. After the dough was chilled, we all had a chance to make our cute little heart shapes. To finish them off, the children put on some colorful icing and sprinkles. The lovely smell left our mouths watering. What a fantastic effort!!

After lunch, there was a yummy cocoa surprise. The kids were waiting in anticipation to eat some scrumptious cocoa cookies. They soon gobbled them up and were asking for more. What a yummy treat!