Bouquet of Beautiful Flowers

3月17日 | カテゴリー 未分類

Today’s craft was putting together an attractive bouquet of blossoming flowers. Just in time for spring!  Our little pre-school munchkins are almost done their first year of English class and they’ve grown so much in a span of 12 months. Craft time used to be a little difficult, their lack of coordination and short attention spans made for a lot of time spent refocusing and assisting them. But now, they are so focused and don’t want our aid. They can do it themselves!

Our first step was for them to choose the color of their flowers, each kid had plenty of options and they were pretty quick to do so. Peeling the double-sided tape was next, at this point you could call them experts, no problems to be seen! They selected and applied stickers to represent the center of the flowers and stuck them in the bouquet wrapping. Top it off with some lovely heart stickers and you have yourself a beautiful bouquet!

The whole thing went off without a hitch and the munchkins thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you guys for a wonderful lesson and enjoy your fantastic flowers!